Looking for fonts can be quite a hassle, every single person is looking for a font to fit their needs some even making their own. I am all about aesthetics and functionality, I can’t help but appreciate fonts that go out of their way to implement quality of life features such as font ligatures, it just makes them so much better.

I have a couple favorite fonts and even do a switch-between every couple months/weeks. Honestly, I have been in the pixel font phase for a while now and still currently am, the list I will show below is in no way a top X fonts, it’s just a list of fonts I really love, be it for terminals, for use in IDEs or just my system font.


Font Preview

The Iosevka font is absolutely amazing for the terminal, it’s extremely thin and clean, not to mention the fact that it does have the many font ligatures I “NEED” to survive 😁


Kongtext Picture 1

Kongtext is one of my absolute favorites, it’s a monospaced font and it fits perfectly in the “retro” aspect. It’s not even outdated like most pixel art fonts, it’s simply clean, realiable and easy to read. Thank you Codeman38, the font you have create is truly one of the better ones, I hope you don’t mind me hosting a copy of your font for anyone to download here as I don’t trust those font sites not deleting yours, thank you!

Kongtext Picture 2

Graph 35+ pix

Font Preview

This font truly is a one in a million, it’s lesser known but works absolutely flawlessly in my IDE, it is one of the pixel fonts, but it’s an amazing pixel font, I absolutely fell in love with it and been using it ever since, It does give that old school vibe which I absolutely am an sucker for but at the same time it’s crispy clean.

Knowing how dafont randomly decides to remove not-so-popular fonts, I have backed-up the font here and made it available for download please support Florian over on His paypal donation page, an absolutely amazing free font!

Fira Code

Font Preview

We can’t talk about fonts unless we talk about Fira Code, an absolutely amazing font which I have fallen in love many times over the years, I can’t help but use it as my default go-to font in any kind of situation, be it a terminal, be it an IDE I have just setup or even my System Font, it just works in any situation and I can’t help but love it.