Minecraft, one of my favorite games. One of its many features includes Shulker Boxes compact containers. However, accessing these boxes’ contents could be time-consuming and inconvenient at best and just inaccesible for most minecraft servers since they have build protection. To solve this issue, I present to you Better Shulkers, a Spigot plugin aimed at streamlining the process of managing Shulker Boxes’ contents, it can be accessed from any kind location, and no need to place them. They’re basically what pouches should’ve been.

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Technologies & Implementation

The Better Shulkers plugin is built for Minecraft servers using Spigot, leveraging the following technologies:


Of course the entire plugin is developed in Java as the game itself is written in java.

Bukkit/Spigot API

I’ve of course created this server-side plugin by using the bukkit/spigot APIs, since those are the most common minecraft server side plugin management APIs.


bStats it’s a litte more interesting since it’s what I am using to track stats of the plugins, seeing how many people are actualy using it and if it’s worth maintaining it, I had to shade the .jar that I distribute to implement this, but it was simple enough.

Features & Usability

Better Shulkers introduces several features that improve overall gameplay experience:

  • Direct Access: Players can directly access a ShulkerBox’s contents by dropping it while sneaking, without having to place it in the world first. This is especially useful when the player is in a build protected area.
  • Permission-based System: The plugin includes a permission-based system that allows administrators to control who has the ability to use this feature. By default, all players have access to it, but this can be changed as needed.

Support & Contribution

Should you encounter any issues, require additional features, or have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to open an issue on the GitHub repository. Your contributions are always welcome! Fork the repository, make your changes, and submit a pull request to help make Better Shulkers even better.

License The Better Shulkers plugin is released under the MIT License, allowing you to use, modify, and distribute it freely, as long as proper attribution is given to the original author.