Minecraft, one of my favorite games and here I am yet again with another one of my spigot plugins, this time I present you the Damage Display plugin. I often times found myself wondering “How much damage does this deal?”, unfortunately there’s no real easy way to view this as a regular player on a server so I created this plugin to show damage as it’s being dealt. The plugin is quite configurable and allows for quite a bit of wiggle room.

Enhance your Minecraft experience with the Damage Display plugin. This Spigot plugin revolutionizes how players interact with damage events in-game, providing instant visual feedback.

Click here or the image below to access the plugin’s page on SpigotMC Spigot Page

Features & Usability


The Damage Display plugin introduces the following misc additions:

  • TextDisplay for Damage: Displays damage as a floating text near the entity that received damage.
  • ActionBar Messages: Sends ActionBar messages to players about damage taken or dealt, offering a clear and immediate understanding of the amount that has been dealt/received.

Support & Community

Encountered an issue or have an idea? Your input is valuable:

  • Issue Reporting: Found a bug? Open an issue on our GitHub Repository.
  • Contributions: Want to improve Damage Display? Fork the repository, apply your changes, and submit a pull request. Let’s build together!


Damage Display is open-source and available under the MIT License, promoting free and unrestricted use and modification of the plugin.